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Specialists in Accounts Management & Bookkeeping 

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Established in 2003, JV Retail Services (JVRS) was dedicated to completing all financial and business needs for Independently owned supermarkets

Created by supermarket owners, JVRS was critical in the growth & profitability of business onboarded. Allowing owners & managers to focus on business operations and strategy while their finances were managed accordingly

The business has since been redefined under JABAA Business Services further establishing and strengthening our value proposition while looking to grow our footprint. JABAA has transitioned into assisting all business types 


At the Grocery Shop



Bookkeeping & Accounts

JABAA Business Services can handle all your Supermarket’s bookkeeping needs, from invoicing, expense allocation, reconciliation, and reporting including BAS, PAYG and Super. Often in these businesses, these tasks are either left to a single employee to complete, or are completed by the proprietor after a long day’s work, becoming an afterhours task that lessens your leisure time. Outsourcing this ensures these tasks are completed in a timely manner, while leaving you in control of what gets paid when. Your data is safe and up to date, giving you peace of mind in those times of great stress.


Paperless & reliable

We work with the supermarket proprietor to implement a paperless process.


All invoices are scanned, processed and separated into departments for monthly reporting. All suppliers are separated into the 3 online secure folders – Friday ABA File, Monthly ABA File & Metcash ABA File.


Once we have created the ABA file, this is sent to you to import into your banking system. In simple terms, once the file has been imported, all suppliers are paid at once. 


Additional Services

JABAA Business Services is the link between you and your accountant.


We can facilitate bank reconciliation, payroll tax, lodgment of BAS’s & IAS’s, Monthly and Quarterly reporting (profit of loss, balance sheets) and Budgeting. At the end of each year, the figures can then be presented in a professional and accurate manner to your accountant, enabling them to do what they do best. We take away the extensive time associated with having to complete these tasks yourself, so you can continue focusing on the day to day running of your business.


What Our Clients Say?

Office Desk

Colin Diggins, Newhaven (Multiple Business Owner, Retail Industry)

"Having one successful business is great, but how to grow that and multiply is another story. Our journey began with one business and ended with 10 in 9 years. As you acquire each new business, it’s a steep learning curve of which factors can help create success. My secret weapon along the journey was the team at Jabaa Admin (formerly JV Services) and the systems they had refined over many years. Each business acquired was managing their own admin at different levels of success and expense, with a fair assumption they were all doing things a bit different at all levels. Our first job and prior to acquisition was to employ the Jabaa team and completely take all Admin away from each site.


The key benefits:

  • Takes away the one person who thinks you can’t do with them, whom usually work to their needs rather than your business needs.

  • Instant savings not only on their wages but the on costs associated with their absenteeism from annual leave, public holidays, sick pay, super, maternity leave, bereavement leave etc., with the owner usually covering the time when they are absent.

  • Let’s each site concentrate on the skills needed to successfully run that specific business whether that be retail, trades, or technology.

  • Saves on expensive accounting rates doing the slog work prior to the EOFY.

  • Still control your own cash flow and manage your payments from anywhere that has internet.

  • Creates a system that you won’t need to be at each site for any Admin needs.

  • Allows you to expand quickly with the system in place from day one.

  • After acquisition spend your time on marketing, sales, operations, expenses and all else that makes each site successful, Except Admin."

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


73 Phillip Island Road, San Remo VIC 3925

0437 650 268

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