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General Bookkeeping

Operating in Victoria for over 20 years, we have recently redefined JABAA Business Services and are looking to expand our offering. JABAA specialises in creating accounts management and bookkeeping solutions tailored to customer needs with the necessary team in place to handle all your business requirements. The core functions of our business are represented below.

Accounts Payable 

Entering and processing all supplier invoices while categorising costs under  key departments. A payment file is then generated to ensure these bill's are paid within the suppliers T&C's.

Business Activity Statements

Lodging Monthly BAS (Business Activity Statements) in compliance with the ATO.

Budgeting & Profit / Loss Reporting

JABAA provide monthly profit and loss reporting broken down by category and assist with all FY Planning and budgeting ensuring successful management of your business.

Accounts Receivable 

Ability to generate and design Invoices for customer accounts or charges required. This allows JABAA to manage and follow up on outstanding payments when required.

Bank Statement Reconciliations 

Ensuring all expenses and revenue are captured and accounted for, this task is completed weekly to maintain a high level of accuracy in reporting.

Data Retention

JABAA use the best technology platforms to ensure your data and information is captured and stored in a safe and accessible manner.

What Our Clients Say

Digging at Construction Site
Business Morning

Colin Diggins, Newhaven (Multiple Business Owner, Retail Industry)

"Having one successful business is great, but how to grow that and multiply is another story. Our journey began with one business and ended with 10 in 9 years. As you acquire each new business, it’s a steep learning curve of which factors can help create success. My secret weapon along the journey was the team at Jabaa Admin (formerly JV Services) and the systems they had refined over many years. Each business acquired was managing their own admin at different levels of success and expense, with a fair assumption they were all doing things a bit different at all levels.Our first job and prior to acquisition was to employ the Jabaa team and completely take all Admin away from each site.


The key benefits:

  • Takes away the one person who thinks you can’t do with them, whom usually work to their needs rather than your business needs.

  • Instant savings not only on their wages but the on costs associated with their absenteeism from annual leave, public holidays, sick pay, super, maternity leave, bereavement leave etc., with the owner usually covering the time when they are absent.

  • Let’s each site concentrate on the skills needed to successfully run that specific business whether that be retail, trades, or technology.

  • Saves on expensive accounting rates doing the slog work prior to the EOFY.

  • Still control your own cash flow and manage your payments from anywhere that has internet.

  • Creates a system that you won’t need to be at each site for any Admin needs.

  • Allows you to expand quickly with the system in place from day one.

  • After acquisition spend your time on marketing, sales, operations, expenses and all else that makes each site successful, Except Admin."

Click the PDF below for further details

JABAA Business Services - Proposal

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